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About Us

We like traveling with our children!

    We like traveling with our children, and wish the same to you. Who are we anyway?  We are parents Sergey and Natalia. Our three daughters and two sons were born abroad and we have lived abroad for almost 10 years, in three countries, and traveled with our kids to many, many more. Some things worked and some did not.
   As travel agents we have gone on many trips by ourself in the last years, and while we wonít try to tell you that we didnít enjoy ourself, the fact that our family wasnít there with us lessened the experience.  
   It is the most difficult age for parents to deal with. Many would just like to let their teens be and not bother with them. But there has to be a time for family unity, so why not create a time during vacation?
   In truth, my husband and I like traveling with our children. Don't tell them, but our trips during the past 15 years across North America, Europe and the Caribbean have been as much fun for us as for them.
   Traveling with kids offers a new perspective. Your children will open up new things to you as you travel. Kids love both the mystery and history.  Our daughter once wrote in a school composition: "I enjoy traveling with my family because my mom is like a little girl, we have so much fun when we go out."    We still love Disneyland and enjoy it as much as the kids! And we will go back in a few years even with the crowds, if only to watch the sheer joy on our children's faces.
  We remember the fun things we did and the great places we visited. We remember the first time our daughter saw a Disney character, and how as she grew the fear of the first time went away and then character pictures were important to her.
  Children, even little ones, learn there's something beyond their own homes and families. The practicalities may change as the children grow. But the memories made during any trip will remain long after the vacation is over.
   Now is a great time to be traveling as a family. Resorts and cruises offer programs for kids from two to 17. Kiddie travel has become big business.
   Remember, your next vacation can be a great one if you just take a bit of advice from someone who understands. Yes, years later, family trips are often our best memories of our kids' young years and just may be the most perfect family vacation ever!   The years pass quickly, so enjoy your time together now.  
It's easy to plan the perfect family vacation...


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