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Disneyland Vacation Packages For The Best Family Vacation!
Come Be A Part Of "The Happiest Homecoming on Earth!"


Disneyland vacation package   Disneyland is truly the ultimate tourist attraction which provides fun for people of all ages. A trip to Disneyland is a trip into imagination, relive your childhood fantasies and enjoy a total escapist experience.
   Disneyland is a very exciting and magical place. Inside the park is history, and you can see the dream of Walt Disney throughout the day. Disneyland was a dream come true. The dreamer of this "magical little park" was Mr. Walt E. Disney
   Walt wanted to create a kind of family park where kids and parents could have fun together. The land that now houses Disneyland used to be just 180 acres of orange groves and walnut trees. Anaheim California was the spot chosen to hold a mountain, rivers and the other various ideas Disneyland now contains.When the real designing came about, Walt was met with tough questions. How do you make believable wild animals? How do you make a Mississippi paddle ship? How exactly do you go about building a big castle in the middle of Anaheim, California?  Disney looked to his movie studio staff for the answers.    The design of Disneyland was something never done before. There would be five uniquely different lands: Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.
   Disneyland was built in 1 year. Construction began on July 21, 1954. Bit by bit, piece by piece, Disneyland got ready for Opening Day July 17 1955.  Disneyland was built for a total cost of 17.5 million dollars. The televised opening is hosted by Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter and Bob Cummings.
   On February 8, 2001, the shiny gates of Disney's California Adventure opened in Anaheim to deliriously excitable queues of visitors. Disney's newest theme park is divided into three California-themed lands: Golden State, Paradise Pier, and Hollywood Pictures Backlot  with the first featuring a simulation of the state's majestic national parks called the Grizzly Park Recreation Area.  From postcards of Ansel Adams's pristine valleys to David Lynch's scary Twin Peaks, platitudes of redwoods and national parks play the role of a globally recognizable original wilderness.

 The Disneyland Explorer
  Attraction Guide
   Disneyland  opened  July 17, 1955, with 18 major attractions.  Today Disneyland is divided into eight themed lands with more than 60 attractionsDisneyland is open 365 days a year and offers extended operating hours during holiday periods and summer months.
   The Disneyland Park is a good size, with many fantastic attractions. The best rides fill up fast and the lines can be quite long, but if you are a patient person, you will do fine. The new California Adventure park was a pleasant surprise. For nostalgia fans, you can see the original Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean attractions, still in great shape and still as much fun as in the 60's when they were built.  Let's say it's changed a lot. As much as you miss some of the old nostalgic items in the park, what they have done in recent years, and especially for the 50th anniversary, are wonderful.
   The best ride (in my opinion) is the high-tech Indiana Jones Adventure, perfect for fans of the movies and anyone who wants to experience the most realistic ride on the planet!
  Main Street , U.S.A
  • Disneyland Railroad
  • City Hall
  • Main Street Cinema
  • Fire Engine
  • Horse-Drawn Carriage
  • Omnibus
  • The Walt Disney Story
  • Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln
  •    Main Street, U.S.A. is where Disneyland guests find themselves magically teleported to a turn-of-the-century mid-West town, bustling and alive with friendship, hard work and much play. Amongst the Victorian buildings painted in a vast array of pastels and other colors pleasing to the eye can be heard the constant "clop-cloping" of horses' hoofs as they make their way up and down the busy street. Walt Disney said, "For those of us who remember the carefree time it recreates, Main Street will bring back happy memories. For younger visitors, it is an adventure in turning back the calendar to the days of grandfather's youth."    The scent of caramel-dipped apples and freshly-made ice cream cones accompany the sounds of the local barbershop quartet and the always-grinning pianist playing his heart out here in this delicious slice of yesteryear. Main Street, U.S.A. pays homage to the surroundings of Walt and Roy Disney during their youths; a time and place that exist now only in snapshots and the memories of our elders.


  • Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Tarzan's Treehouse

       Walt Disney said, "To create a land that would make this dream reality, we pictured ourselves far from civilization, in the remote jungles of Asia and Africa."    The steaming jungles and muddy paths of Adventureland are where mystery and excitement dwell. As sunlight battles to make its way through the dense foliage of this "Lost Delta Region," guests are surrounded by sights and sounds only read about in classic tales such as "The Swiss Family Robinson" or "Tarzan." From the jungle comes a volley of sounds - the loud and obscene chatter of monkeys and apes; the majestic roar of a lion (known to the natives as simba); the slow and deliberate hiss of a python lying in wait. The colors of this tropical canvas are a plethora of greens, blues and earth tones, all blending together to create a breathtaking display of nature. The landscape is littered with ancient ruins, temples and even a small village where all types of curios may be found.    To the brave of heart, Adventureland is the perfect place... to be headed!


  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Fantasmic!
  • Frontierland Shootin' Exposition
  • Golden Horseshoe Stage
  • Mark Twain Riverboat
  • Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island
  • Sailing Ship Columbia

    Disneyland Vacation Package    Frontierland is the old West brought back to life as a wonderful river flows along its dusty banks lined with tumbleweeds, rattlesnakes and cactus. On the horizon, breathtaking buttes and natural rock formations form valleys and plateaus that most surely play home to hot mineral geysers and rainbow-filled caverns far below the earth. Once upon a time, this was a booming mining community, its water rich with gold. Families stroll along the wooden planks of the small town past saloons and a host of supply stores as the sheriff keeps the peace. In a place like Frontierland however, that's not a difficult job. It's easy to see just how rewarding - and simple life was, once upon a time in this town that time forgot. One might just sit a spell and sip slowly on a chilled sarsaparilla and listen to the lonely sounds of a harmonica being played across the river in a log cabin or the music of crickets mingling and moving about under the wild Western sky. Walt Disney said, "All of us have cause to be proud of our country's history, shaped by the pioneering spirit of our forefathers. Our adventures are designed to give you the feeling of having lived, even for a short while, during our country's pioneer days."


  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • Dumbo, The Flying Elephant
  • Fantasyland Theater
  • "It's a Small World"
  • King Arthor Carrousel
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Mr.Toads Wild Ride
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • Pinocchio's Daring Journey
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Snow White Grotto
  • Snow White's Scary Adventure
  • Storybookland Canal Boats

       Fantasyland was created with the goal to "make dreams come true" from the lyrics of "When You Wish Upon a Star." Walt Disney said, "What youngster has not dreamed of flying with Peter Pan over moonlit London, or tumbling into Alice's nonsensical Wonderland? In Fantasyland, these classic stories of everyone's youth have become realities for youngsters-of all ages-to participate in."    If there is one truly "magical" land at Disneyland, it has to be Fantasyland. Well-known to be Walt Disney's personal favorite, this enchanted place is home to flying pirate ships, mad tea parties and crazed toads. Tucked away behind the protective walls of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Fantasyland resounds with childhood memories and the innocence of youth. In the shadow of snow-capped Matterhorn Mountain, guests will find themselves amongst Walt's most beloved characters and their worlds of fancy. One can't help but smile as they stroll through this place filled with music and laughter. Soothing architecture and whimsical landscaping combine to offer the perfect setting for the most "Disney" land of them all!


  • Astro Orbitor
  • Disneyland Monorail
  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Honey I Shrunk the Audience
  • Rocket Rods
  • Space Mountain
  • Starcade
  • Star Tours
  • Tomorrowland Autopia

       If there is a "land on the move," it has to be Disneyland's Tomorrowland. With neon spires reaching into the skyline and the roar of futuristic vehicles filling the air, this land is a buzz of activity, light-years ahead of the rest. Designed to be futuristic but at the same time, completely down-to-earth in landscaping (every element used in the area's landscape is edible) and productive, Tomorrowland is an on-going experiment that looks to the coming centuries we stand to face as well as salutes the accomplishments we've already enjoyed. There's a great big, beautiful tomorrow for all of us; this very popular land is a Disney-style sampling of that day and age.    Tomorrowland is a look at the "marvels of the future." Walt Disney said, "Tomorrow can be a wonderful age. Our scientists today are opening the doors of the Space Age to achievements that will benefit our children and generations to come. The Tomorrowland attractions have been designed to give you an opportunity to participate in adventures that are a living blueprint of our future."

      New Orleans Square

  • Disneyland Railroad
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Disney Gallery

       As close as one can come to visiting The Big Easy, New Orleans Square is a picture-perfect sampling of one of America's most beloved cities, known locally as N'awlins. This Southern haven of unique shops and elaborate mansions almost resounds with echoes of the past - years of Mardi Gras celebrations with the laughter of the masses, loud and bold brass bands and the sound of thousands of plastic trinkets scattering along the streets as they're tossed from balconies and rooftops to the crowds below. On afternoons when the sun is captured by storm clouds, thunder rolls in the distance; one can't help but think about the days when pirate ships sailed the waters and opened fire on unsuspecting ports of call and other vessels going about their business. Between the relentless scent of Cajun fixin's and the mouth-watering appeal of a cool mint julep on a sweltering hot summer day, it's easy to think of 999 reasons to spend some time in New Orleans Square just soakin' up the attitude, atmosphere and Southern hospitality!

      Critter Country

  • Country Bear Playhouse
  • Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes
  • Splash Mountain
  • Teddi Barra's Swingin Arcade

       The great outdoors, with its open fields and mountains adorned with massive pine trees and thick brush plays home to hundreds of animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes; this could only be known as Critter Country. For the most part, this vast wilderness is untouched by the hands of man; where he has come face-to-face with nature, the two live in harmony and every day is one of those Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah days. As evening comes, the cool night air is filled with the sounds of coyotes yipping at the moon and other critters searching for food - from soft mountain streams to the gnarled thorns of a huge briar patch. And there are bears in these parts as well - the kind once tracked by fearless explorers such as Davey Crockett in their canoes. It's where civilization as we know it meets Mother Nature head-on, and it's simply gorgeous!


  • Chip 'n Dale Treehouse
  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Donald's Boat
  • Gadget's Go Coaster
  • Goffy's Bounce House
  • Jolley Trolley
  • Mickey's House
  • Minnie's House
  • Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
    Disneyland Vacation Package   The newest addition to Disneyland is, according to mythology, the oldest. It's a three-dimensional cartoon world, Mickey's Toontown, home of the whole Disney gang of characters from Donald Duck and Goofy to the Big Cheese himself, Mickey. With eye-popping colors and mind-bending comedic detail (Toontown proudly boasts that its architecture offers not one straight line in the entire land), this land of zany toons can be almost overwhelming! Whether you're there to take a wild spin with everyone's favorite rabbit or visiting Disneyland's most famous residents in their own quaint homes, Mickey's Toontown is sheer fun and delightfully appealing to the child in all of us.    In addition, Disneyland has entertainment throughout the park -   Parades, Shows and Fireworks    Enjoy a peek into Mickey’s Imagination in this nighttime stage show.     There are several giant water screens which appear and disappear throughout the show. The water is so dense that film is projected onto these water screens. You’ll see scenes from many of your Disney favorites. There are also live action characters such as the Disney Princesses and a thrilling recreation of scenes from Peter Pan. But beware when the Evil Queen and her crew of Disney villains appear to fill Mickey’s head with nightmares. Will Mickey win over the forces of evil? You’ll find out in this fantastic voyage complete with fireworks and other amazing special-effects. A definite must see!

        I still love Disneyland and enjoy it as much as the kids! Disney has outdone themselves. The Dreams Come True fireworks spectacular is incredible, the best fireworks show I have ever seen. It is much more than just shooting off fireworks, it is a performance you will not want to miss, in fact, be sure to see it twice (I think it was better the second time).

        The best spot is in front of the trees in the circle at the end of Main Street in front of the castle if you can get there. If not, get a spot in the middle of main street as close to the circle at the end of main street as you can get. Fantasmic has been enhanced and is even bettter if you can imagine that!

    Disneyland Vacation Package

          Disney sure knows how to put on an increble show, party, parade, etc. Disney Land & California adventure is truly a magical experience. The resort is a spectacular combination of Walt Disney's vision of family fun and adventure. The rides are fun for all ages. There is so much to see, hear and do. The shows are fun to watch with family and friends. It's truly magical to see Mickey and Minnie walking hand in hand walking thru the park. I really loved the firework shows at night; it made me feel like a kid again. I hope you enjoy this park as much as I did. Make sure you wish upon a star, while you are there.

        But that said, Disneyland is Disneyland, and we will go back in a few years even with the crowds, if only to watch the sheer joy on our children's faces. It really is a magical place. I have been to the resort in Florida, and you really can't compare the two. I am partial to Disneyland, and other than the castle, didn't really warm up to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. We loved MGM and Epcot, and the Orlando experience as a whole, but since you grew up with Disneyland, it will always be your  first love.

     Top  Attractions (for both parks)

    1. Indiana Jones Adventure
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    3. The Haunted Mansion
    4. The Tower of Terror (Make sure your stomach is empty and you went to the bathroom prior to riding)
    5. Soarin' Over California
    6. Space Mountain
    7. Buzz Lightyear. But the attraction itself looks kind of cheap and probably would have been better suited in Toontown.
    8. Turtle Talk with Crush

      Top Tips

    1 . Wait in line for Indiana Jones, it never takes longer than 30 minutes no matter what the sign says!
    2. Unless you ABSOLUTELY MUST see the Fantasia show , avoid it. It gets ridiculously busy!
    3. During the fireworks shows, try and stay on the "Adventureland" side of the park. It is impossible to leave "Discoveryland" during or just after the show.
    4. Plan your shows and parades carefully, it gets very crowded and it is not easy to move from one to the other if they are relatively close together. Once you have seen it once, go on the popular rides during parade time. If you want a really good place to sit or stand for any of the parades, arrive 45 minutes to one hour before they start, or you will be scrambling to find a good spot. Our family really enjoyed all the 3D * 4D shows as well as the Golden Dreams show which is really inspirational. And some  cool special effects is awesome.  I highly recommend Birnbaum's 2005 Disneyland Resort Guide. It cost us $15 but was worth every penny and helped us plan our stay and went with us to the park everyday.
    5. Get to the parks as early in the AM as possible. There is planty of shopping inside the park, but it's best to do it in the morning to beat the herds of people at night.  Stay in the park until closing time. Some rides take on a new life at night (Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion).
    6. Attach luggage tags to your children's wrists for security to identify them if they get lost. It's one thing I saw someone use was a great idea.
    7. To plan a Disney trip is to know what your budget limitations are and stay within them. Decided how much you are willing to spend on hotels, food, etc...and stick with it. As for food prices - yes, it's pricey. I would think anyone planning a trip to any amusement park could expect that.  If you are very fortunate that you didn't have to worry about finances you can choose to spend the money to eat in the park because it's just part of the experience. Where else in California can you eat in the French Quarter or on a quaint Main Street?  And there are water fountains everywhere that don't charge for water. We used them the whole time we were there and saved money on buying drinks.   But if you are someone who worry about finances - hit the Disneyland website. It will give you an idea of prices in all the restaurants inside the park. Instead of eating meals in the parks, cross the road to IHOP, have a $7 two-course dinner and re-enter the park.
    8.   Remember, some of the properties that surround Disneyland are dumps - check out the reviews to find a good hotel near the park. And yes, location is worth the money!
    9. If you hate crowds, don't go on the weekend. Go on a weekday.  We went on a Wednesday and it was pretty quiet. The most we waited for a ride was 20 minutes (which is great). Use the fast pass system. I recommend getting fast passes for popular rides or you'll spend alot of time waiting - even with fast passes we waited 15 minutes on some rides.  Check with your travel clubs for special promotions including unlimited use of fastpass. Travel during the off-season if you can (we went in May and that worked out great), and go during the week to avoid crowds. Our friends visited in early December and had the best holiday of their lives. Crowds were non-existent and they walked straight on to most attractions and never queued for more than 20 minutes. If you have the flexibility, plan your trip for the slow times (September to mid-December, and mid-January to March - avoiding holiday weekends like Thanksgiving and MLK) , try to go weekdays rather than weekends and you will have the best holiday ever.
    10. Take a break in the afternoon when it is most crowded. I reccomend going back to the hotel for an hour or two to nap & change shoes (if it is possible).  This way you beat the crowds, and can come back rejouvenated. Also, if you are taking small children I suggest you stay close enough that you can go back to your room during the afternoon and take a nap. That way, you can go back for the fireworks and evening activites refreshed. It sure worked for us!  And if the budget allows it  stay at one of the 3 Disney hotels at least for your first night. There's something about being inside those Disney walls that makes it feel like you're possibly in another country (maybe it's like an instant exchange rate where you're losing dollars), but all the Disney touches make the hotel stay wonderful.
    11. There is also a rule that if you have a small child that can't ride a ride, but another that wants to, you can have a child ride a ride with one parent, then get a pass to ride the same ride with the other parent without having to wait in line again. Somebody used this only once or twice but it was nice.
    12. Uniformed security people now seem to be everywhere in the park. I'm sure this is to make guests feel safe but they dont seem to be very friendly or helpful. I dont think so much visible security fits in with "The Happiest Place on Earth" theme. Be patient..
    13. Purchase your tickets before you get to Disneyland using one of the methods shown below. You'll save yourself alot of time by not having to wait when you arrive at the park.

     Basics of Disneyland Tickets

       To enter Disneyland you obviously need a ticket. At Disneyland tickets are called passports. Single day, multi-day and annual passports are available for varying prices depending on your situation. Complimentary entry is also available for certain Cast Members (Disney's name for employees) and their friends and family in certain situations. So if you are or know a Cast Member, you may want to check with them. Purchase your tickets before you get to Disneyland using one of the methods shown below. You'll save yourself alot of time by not having to wait when you arrive at the park.

  • Purchasing Passports

  •    When purchasing tickets at the Main Gate, Disneyland accepts cash, checks, traveler's checks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, the Disney card and the JCB Credit Card. Tickets can also be purchased at any Disney Store though you should allow extra time as they may not be a stocked item. Tickets can also be purchase via mail order at:

    Ticket Mail Order Services
    1313 Harbor Blvd., PO Box 61061
    Anaheim, CA 92803-6161
    (Allow at least 2 weeks for delivery)

       Certain types of tickets can also be purchased at local hotels and motels or purchased online.

    Click here for best prices for Disneyland Hotels

    Let yourself go in Disneyland and you will never forget it!

     Getting There

        There are lots of ways to get discounts at Disneyland and Disney World on the resort hotels and vacation packages. You can also save substantial money on admission passes, meals, extra entertainment offerings, airfare, rental cars and more. Spend some time exploring this site, and you may be amazed at how many Disney bargains and deals are floating around.
      If you're planning a trip to Disneyland in California, you have a lot of airport options. The closest is Orange County (John Wayne Airport) (SNA), followed by Long Beach (LGB), Ontario (ONT), Los Angeles (LAX) and Burbank (BUR). Those who will also be visiting San Diego may even consider that airport (SAN), which is about 1.5 hours south of Disneyland.
      Because of its popularity, traveling to the Los Angeles area to visit Disneyland is easy. Flights are available day or night to any of the local airports.

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    Cheap Airfares
      John Wayne Airport
    City: Irvine, CA Airport Code: SNA
    The most convenient airport to land at for visiting Disneyland is John Wayne Airport. Airport shuttles are available to and from the Disneyland area and it's even close enough for taking a cab. If you'll be renting a car, some car rental companies are located at the airport.
      Driving distance to Disneyland: 12 miles
    Directions to Disneyland:
    • Take the 55 Freeway North 3 miles.
    • Transfer to the 5 Freeway North for 7 miles.
    • Exit on Harbor Blvd. and follow the signs to Disneyland.
      Los Angeles International Airport
    City: Los Angeles, CA Airport Code: LAX
    The airport with the most options will be Los Angeles International Airport, the major airport serving Southern California. Airport shuttles are available to and from the Disneyland area. If you'll be renting a car several companies have offices and lots inside the airport.
      Driving distance to Disneyland: 35 miles
    Directions to Disneyland:
    • Take the 105 Freeway East 16 miles.
    • Transfer to the 605 Freeway South for 2 miles.
    • Transfer to the 91 Freeway East for 7 miles.
    • Transfer to the 5 Freeway South for 5 miles
    • Exit on Disneyland Way and follow the signs.
      Long Beach Municipal Airport
    City: Long Beach, CA Airport Code: LGB
    Driving distance to Disneyland: 18 miles
    Directions to Disneyland:
    • Take the 405 Freeway South 6 miles.
    • Transfer to the 22 Freeway East for 7 miles.
    • Exit on Harbor Blvd North and go North on Harbor for 3 miles. When you pass Katella Disneyland will be on the left.
      Ontario Airport
    City: Ontario, CA Airport Code: ONT
    Driving distance to Disneyland: 32 miles
    Directions to Disneyland:
    • Take the 60 Freeway West 11 miles.
    • Transfer to the 57 Freeway South for 14 miles
    • Exit on Katella and go left (West) 1.5 miles
    • Turn right on Harbor Blvd. Disneyland is on the left.
      Burbank Airport
    City: Burbank, CA Airport Code: BUR
    Driving distance to Disneyland: 40 miles
    Directions to Disneyland:
    • Take the 5 Freeway South 38 miles.
    • Exit on Disneyland Way and follow the signs
       Click here to find out what airlines fly from your local airport. Finding a discount on your airfare can be a real challenge, but with the right tools and some know-how, you can often save hundreds of dollars.
      When are the cheapest airfares available? We have to say, it's pretty random. Being persistent really pays off. However, to the extent that we've noticed a pattern, it seems that the lowest airfares are available approximately 6 months in advance and again 2 months in advance. Whatever you do, avoid booking within 14 days of your trip, or worse yet, within 7 days. That's when the prices skyrocket.
      If you're searching for airline tickets, hotels, rental cars or vacation packages, look no further than Travelnow.com. When you shop online with us, you always find Web-only specials from our airline, hotel and car-rental partners. TravelNow was also the first Internet travel site to provide consumers with the capability to initiate a wireless hotel reservation. They began selling airline tickets, hotels and rental cars online in 1995
      To find discounted Disneyland hotels or cheapest airfares just fill out the form HERE. After you enter this basic information, you will be taken to another screen to enter specific data on what you desire. From the main screen, travelnow.com has an area with featured special hotel offers that change periodically. These special offers are quoted as a rate per day. You can click on any one of them, for more specific information.
    It's easy to plan the perfect family vacation...


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