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Top 10 Travel Games For Road Trips, Air Trips, Trips With Kids And Family and More!



   Planning a long vacation? Get to your destination in a relaxed and happy frame of mind. The key to successful trips especially with children is to keep everyone entertained throughout the journey. Here are some great travel games which will help you pass the time whether you are travelling by road, air or sea. These travel games are also good for camping trips and picnics. So go ahead and check out these awesome travel game ideas for the entire family!

1)Travel Etch A Sketch

Travel Etch A Sketch

   If you can dream it, you can draw it—and now, it’s a snap to take it along with you! Hit the road in a creative way with this travel-sized version of the all-time favorite classic drawing toy. Travel Etch A Sketch looks and operates exactly like the original, but is scaled down to feature a 3” x 4.5” drawing screen. For ages 4 and up. The perfect way to pass some time is to call upon your imagination! Visualize it, imagine it and draw it!

2)Scavenger Hunt Travel Game

Scavenger Hunt For Kids - Travel Game

   Here’s a fun travel card game that will keep the youngsters busy and entertained on your next family road trip. In Travel Scavenger Hunt , you’re looking to find the items named in the cards in your hand. Can you spot a van? A blue house? A bald man in another car? Find the item on one of your cards, discard, and draw again. The first player to discard 10 wins the game! Let “are we there yet?” slip away into memory as you let the good times roll with this simple and fun family travel game. Includes 60 game cards and instructions. For 2 or more players ages 7 and up.


3)10 in 1 magnetic travel game

10 in 1 Magnetic Game System

   This mini-magnetic game system lets you play all your favorite classic games on the go! Just turn the knobs to select your favorite game from 10 classics: Checkers, Chess, Parcheesi, Tic-Tac-Toe, Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Backgammon, Elimination, Tricky Triangle, and Horse Race. You can’t lose the dice because they’re built into the game system. Just flick the lever and watch the numbers spin! Playing pieces for all 10 games store in the convenient pull-out drawer, and they’re magnetic so they’ll stay in place, even on that bumpy ride! Ages 5 and Up.

4)Sequence Travel Version Game

Sequence Travel Version Game

   The travel version of the popular family game Sequence comes packaged in a nifty travel case.Now you can take the popular family game on all your family trips! Compact and easy to pack, Travel Sequence is perfect for plane rides, camping trips, or wherever your travels may take you. It’s still the same exciting game of strategy and luck that all ages enjoy. The familiar Sequence board is contained within the lid of the plastic carrying case. Pegs replace chips as the way to mark the cards on the game board so they’ll stay in place on a bumpy ride. The miniature deck of cards measures  2 ½” x 1 ¾”. Easy enough for children and still challenging for adults, Sequence has been a family favorite for generations. Travel Sequence comes with a Sequence game board, Sequence playing cards, Pegs, Game Instructions, and packaged in a convenient plastic travel case. For 2 or More Players, Ages 7 and Up.

5)20Q Electronic Game

20Q - Electronic 20Q Game

   Based on the popular website 20Q.net, this portable game has you try to stump the “all knowing” artificial intelligence of 20Q. To play, just think of something… anything, and turn on the electronic orb that fits right into the palm of your hand. Then watch in amazement as 20Q tries to guess what you’re thinking! Answer yes, no, sometimes, or unknown to the series of questions it poses like a scrolling digital news ticker. If it guesses correctly within 20 questions, it wins. If not, you win! Can it read your mind? Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Ages 8 and Up.


6)Scrabble Travel Edition

Scrabble Game - Travel Folio Edition

   Pass the time in a plane, train or automobile with the new Scrabble Game Travel Folio Edition . This special edition features a compact, nylon zip-up case, a folding gameboard with a raised grid, convenient snap-in tile letters , 4 tile racks, and a handy cloth storage pouch. Sounds like it's time for a road trip! For 2 - 4 players. Travel case dimensions 10.5" x 6" x 2.5".

7)Rubik's Cube Brain Teaser

Rubik's Cube Brain Teaser

   Here it is – the Cube, the myth the legend! The incomparable Rubik’s Cube is not just for 80’s parties – it’s the world’s best-selling puzzle in history! Amateurs, competitive cubers, the young, and the old alike continue to be drawn in by its puzzling powers. 43 quintillion combinations, 1 solution. Its unique turning action and color concept make it one of the most instantly recognizable toys of all time. Treat yourself to some brow-furrowing fun with the Cube that kicked off a craze – over 250 million units sold worldwide! A solution book is included so that you don’t peel off the stickers during a fit of frustration – hey, we’ve all done that!


I Spy Memory Game - Travel Edition
   The riddles of Jean Marzollo and photographs of Walter Wick come together to make a memory game that’s won dozens of awards! This very special version is ready for the road, with fewer cards in a very sturdy box. Beginning players match identical objects; advanced play a memory version. Contains 24 picture cards, 6 riddle cards and instructions. Winner: Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products, Games 100, Parent's Choice Gold Seal of Excellence, Parents Magazine Best Toys & Games, Parent's Choice Gold Seal of Excellence, Teacher's Choice Award, 1995 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. For 1-6 players.

9)Deluxe Yahtzee Travel Folio Edition

Deluxe Yahtzee Game - Travel Folio Edition

   There’s nothing quite like the joy of yelling “Yahtzee!” Now you can take the joy of America’s favorite dice game anywhere you want to go. This deluxe folio edition keeps your dice safe and secure, so there’s no danger of them rolling under the brake pedal or into the campfire. And the rolling tray and dice cup are both lined in felt to keep the noise down. Best of all, the whole thing zips into a sturdy, soft nylon zip-up case, so you can pack it easily and keep it clean. Comes with 5 dice, a dice holder tray, a dice cup, a pencil, a score pad and instructions. For 2 or more players.
This fantastic dice travel game comes with 5 dice, a dice holder tray, a dice cup, a pencil, a score pad and instructions. Fill up your score card as you go along the game, and wait for the lucky yahtzee to emerge!

10)The Worst Case Scenario Survival Card Game

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Card Game - Travel Edition

   Here’s something special for your suitcase. Do you know how to book the safest hotel room in case of fire? How to dress for a sandstorm? Learn bizarre travel tips like these when you take Worst-Case Scenario Survival game on the road. This set of 55 cards features 108 all-new sticky situations to test your wits. Take the compact set on the road or add the cards to your existing boardgame. Either way, you’ll have loads of fun with these calamities! For 2 or more players.


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