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Weight Loss Tips - Start Looking and Feeling Better The Smart Way

weight-loss travel

  What is considered overweight? The definition of obesity varies depending on what one reads, but in general, it is a chronic condition defined by an excess amount body fat. A certain amount of body fat is necessary for storing energy, heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions.
   The percentage of body weight that makes up this "essential fat" is around 4% of body weight for men and 10% for women. The normal amount of body fat (expressed as percentage of body fat) is between 25-30% in women and 18-23% in men. Older women may range from 23% to 35% and older men may range from 11% to 24%.
  Weight is often relative to how you look and feel. If you eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle, you're on the right track! Keep up the good work!
"...Before I found this solution, I battled my excess weight the same way you are doing today - with supplements, diet pills, harsh work-out routines, and starvation diets - hoping against hope that my weight would permanently drop one day. Unfortunately, I can tell you from experience that those solutions will not work; all they do is provide temporary weight loss. They do not go to the root of the problem and get rid of the weight permanently. Today, instead of avoiding my reflection, I break into a great big SMILE whenever I see myself in the mirror! It is such a relief to see a thin "me" starting back, instead of a big belly, flabby skin, and stretch marks!...
...Trust me, I've been there. I tried everything, before I finally figured out how to slim down and stay down... "

Chris Gibson, author of the book "Weight Loss By The Numbers"
  "...My problems with weight have defied every fad diet plan, weight loss supplement, fat catcher, point system, and ridiculous high-intensity workouts. I tried so hard to lose weight that it almost turned me into a pill-popping, ephedra-driven, compulsive-obsessive exercise freak!
  Over the last 15 years, I have tried just about everything to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. I think it's great that the FCC is now after all of the weight loss supplement companies and flat out liars that tell you, "You can take a pill and lose weight."
Get healthy recipe ideas for summer from Weight Watchers.
Go now!
  There are too many doctors and too many people selling us on how to lose weight, when they were never one pound overweight themselves. There are too many options and too many people confused out there. They all want to tell us what to lose and how to lose it, but none of them deal with the common obstacles that stand in your way.
  After ten years of constant emotional, physical, and psychological battles, I finally found a different and viable approach to this widespread problem. I must admit, I was very skeptical at first.
  I didn't think I would EVER be able to lose the weight that had tormented me for so long and keep it off permanently. But, I desperately wanted to feel better about myself, I wanted THE FAT GONE - so, I gave it a try.
  At the end of 3 weeks, I had lost 28 pounds and 3 pants sizes! When my friends and family finally saw me, their jaws dropped to the floor!..."

  Spa vacations have become increasingly popular in the past few years as people begin to appreciate the health benefits of spa treatments. In fact, spas seem to be sprouting up everywhere: at city hotels, inns and even at airport terminals.
  Can you imagine a universe in which you are the center of attention? You laze about for the entire day without a care in the world. In fact, the only thing that you have to think about is whether or not you want to get a facial or a massage.

Relax and Be Pampered
  Revitalize your mind, body and soul with a relaxing spa vacation. Whether visiting a luxurious resort spa in Hawaii or trekking through the rugged Canadian wilderness, we've hand picked the best spa destinations for you. Book your trip today to begin your spa getaway. Click here

  Unfortunately, with 64 percent of adults overweight, most Americans do not experience true wellness.
  That’s where spas find a unique niche in personal care, offering us health-enriching services in comfortable, familiar surroundings among trusted professionals.
  We walk into a spa hoping to look and feel better, and we return to our favorite places because the professionals know us, care about us, and help us. We trust spa professionals with our bodies and, in many cases, our health concerns.
  If you’re interested in finding a stress-free place to help you with your weight loss, you’ve come to the right place. Modern spas are great for promoting better health through weight loss, and we’ll help you find the perfect one!

Negative Calorie Diet The Negative Calorie Diet .

   Did you know that it is now possible to drop up to 14 POUNDS in only 7 DAYS?   That's right... The Negative Calorie Diet can make it happen for you!   Since 1997, thousands of people from all over the world are using our weight loss program.
    This eBook reveals the weight loss secrets of consuming negative calorie foods to lose all the weight you want!

"...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help because your program is wonderful information. I have lost 17 pounds already and its only been a little more than two weeks! I sure wish I had know about this before, but I am glad you have opened the door for me. The best part about your program is I know I will not gain the weight back because I am not doing anything drastic or desperate. It all feels natural to me and my body! Thank you again!"

Karen Tempper, 23 Louisville, Kentucky

  More people are turning to weight-loss spas to drop the holiday pounds. As their popularity has grown, so, too, have the types of services they offer. How do you choose one?
   Search the spa listings here, then visit the spas' Web sites to find deals.

Here is Where I Help You Lose The Weight
- Freedom from the diet pills, supplements, and expensive calorie-counting weight plans?
- No more mornings of anxiety wondering what the scales are going to read? To wake up and enjoy the rest of your day knowing your excess weight has disappeared and STAYS OFF?
- The information about how you can address the ROOT cause of your weight gains, instead of just masking the symptoms? Money in your pocket instead of paying for doctor visits, prescriptions, over-the-counter products, and exercise gadgets?
- Your body back? To have the ability to do what you like, whenever you want, without having to worry about how you look?
- Your confidence and self-esteem go through the roof? Imagine what getting rid of your excess fat will do for you...YOU WILL BE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON! More energy, more outgoing, and Finally FREE!
- Freedom from starvation diets, pill popping, and the daily grind of spending your life at the gym?

"...I have read and tried it all, Atkins, South Beach, and your program is so much easier and works so much faster. It is not even really a diet. I have been overweight for 15 years and this is the most weight I have ever lost and the best I have looked in quite a while...and it only took a couple of weeks. I don't know if everyone you help gets results like this, but I am very happy with your ebook. I thought I had heard it all but you put "taking care of myself" into a new perspective. I also wanted you to know my blood pressure and cholesterol has dropped tremendously as well. I don't know if its the weight loss or the PLAN itself...but thank you for it ALL anyway!"

Charles Espinoza, 47 Salt Lake City, Utah


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