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  "...I am in love with a girl who lives in Yoskar Ola (Russia). On all the maps I could not find this place. Can anyone please help me. I intend to visit her and therefor I have to plan my trip. I would like more information on the city, and how long it takes to get there either by car, or by train? Any and all help would be appreciated. Is there any hotel where I can make reservations? Please help me..."

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Welcome To Yoshkar-Ola!

Your Romantic Tour To Russian Province

Tue Oct 16 2:51:29 EDT 2018

Yoshkar-Ola tripadvisor

    Yoshkar-Ola or Joshkar-Ola is a "middle city" between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan.  Find Kazan and go 150 km up north and you will see it next to the river. 
   Yoshkar-Ola is located 800 km east of Moscow and 56 kilometers from the Volga River...mother of all Russian rivers!    Yoshkar-Ola is the capital city of the Mari-El Republic, one of Russian Republics. Here, the seat of government (with a President) rests.
   Come see for yourself the majestic beauty of this city. Yoshkar-Ola is surrounded by beautiful wooded lakes and green fields. This vast natural beauty is prized by its local inhabitants.
    Yoshkar-Ola was founded in 1584 as a fortress on the Kokshaga River by the tsar Ivan Grozny.    For many years, it was a small town (as compared to most Russian provincial cities), and was inaccessible to foreigners. However, there is now a population of over 300,000 citizens.

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Russian dating agency Elena's Models gives away a Free Ebook 'Simple And Easy Guide To Unstoppable Confidence'.

...because these ladies are truly wonderful, kind, decent, warm and caring people which is sometimes hard to find these days!

   This historic provincial city connects itself to the spirit of older times and the activity of today's modern world. However, the inhabitants take great pride in many Russian and Mari traditions.
   One can't but mention one more treasure of the city - a lot of beautiful girls and women. That's true! A saw it with my own eyes and can confirm it. And due to this fact many foreigners would like to go there. I know namy happy cases when people found their mates and got married. But be careful. There are many scammers here who sit in front of the computers and write false letters. Trust reliable and well-known agencies only. And think 1 million times before sending any money! I am an Russian living in Canada, and I am married to a Russian lady. I was interested in your questions.

Getting There

   Fly to Moscow, from here you can either fly to Kazan or take a train to Yoshkar-Ola. A flight will cost you 200 USD one way and about 1.5 hours. By train it is about 15 hours. There is only one train and it leaves the Kazansky Train Terminal (Kazansky Vagsal) in Moscow daily around 5:00 PM arriving at Yoshkar-Ola around 7:30 AM. Train compartments are very comfortable, but make sure you do not take the Platskart, but private quarters. Get a sleeper berth, 1st class (Spalny) - 2 beds per cabin, (aprox $150), 2nd class ( koupay )- 4 beds per cabin ($55-$65). The higher price includes a box lunch and the cost of bedding, the lower prices do not include any meal and you will have to pay for bedding seperately. There is sometimes a dining car. Return trip leaves Yoshkar-Ola at 6:00 PM daily, arriving in Moscow at 9:00 AM.
  The second way to travel to Yoshkar-Ola is flying to Kazan via Lufthansa. You can fly to Frankfurt and then to Kazan ( 2 hours away from Yoshkar-Ola by car).
  There are 2 hotels in the city but I recommend you to rent an appartament.

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Why Russian Women?
  So…what makes these women so special? This is a question that I am often asked by men new to the world of international dating. Those guys fortunate enough to have met or visited the Former Soviet Union (FSU) already know the answer!
    The first thing is that these women still have “traditional” values. Now this phrase probably means something a little different to everyone who hears it. So let’s qualify this a bit. A FSU woman will want to have children and a family. Yes, she will want to be a wife and mother. Many will be totally happy in these roles alone. Some will like to work outside the home as well.
    By and large these women know how to be a wife and mother! The whole Russian culture teaches that a woman finds her highest fulfillment and joy in being a wife and mother. They learn these skills from their mother’s at a young age.
    Most women in the FSU have a college degree or are working on one. Many have knowledge (at least to a degree) of a 2nd or 3rd language. These ladies are very well educated.        
   How can one find a way to say about the Russian soul : I almost think it is better not to even try. It is very difficult for a foreigner who has not experienced Russians in Russia to understand. You almost have to be there; maybe you do have to be there.

    I am in love with a Russian woman, and I want her to stay a Russian woman. It is not your purpose to change who she is. You should love who she is very much.The goal instead is to reach a mutual understanding about the cultural differences. And while you do not want to change who she is, or change her soul and personality created by the influence of her culture, you stand willing and able to adapt yourself to her needs and wants, and to help her understand your culture.
    So who are they, those Russian women? Read the great Russia literature to understand it. Read Turgenev, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bunin. Of course a lot of things have changed in Russia since then. O tempora o mores! :-) But Russia is not Moscow or St Petersburg only. Russia now is first of all a province. Especially there you can meet "a mysterious Russia soul". And the most beautiful women live in the province. For example in Yoshkar-Ola. Come and see it yourself.
   From Russia, with soul ...

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